How much experience do I need to attend and what will I take away from the weekend?

Whether you are a nervous novice or a seasoned veteran, this weekend provides you with depth and quality learning like nothing else. If you don't have any experience, you will be guided gently in the most supportive atmosphere to start your journey of discovery the right way. If you come with experience, expect to deepen your understanding, learn subtle new skills and be rejuvenated and energized in your passions. Come to the weekend with a desire to explore your own personal power and you will leave enriched. By the end of the weekend you will know what your own personal dominant femme style is, have learned how to project it, how to own your own power, and play skills including negotiating to get what you (and your partner!) want. The weekend is taught in a safe, supportive environment where you will be encouraged and supported but never asked to do more than you are comfortable with.

I'm already experienced as a dominant, what will I get out of it?

Whatever your experience level, the weekend will give you new frameworks and ideas, new areas to explore, more insight into your own style, and the chance to connect with other women finding their femme power. Since the emphasis is not on typical skills and drills, you'll have a chance to focus on exactly what kind of dominant you are/want to be without the "performance anxiety" of demonstrating new skills or having to provide an experience for one's partner.

Who attends ForteFemme?

Attendees are diverse in their age, interests, and orientation. Ages have ranged from barely twenty to well into their fifties; most often attendees are in their thirties and upward. Most have a college education or higher. Occupations range from medical, law, administrative, education, homemakers, and even students.

From time to time, professional dominants even take this course to recharge their passion for personal playtime. They are all women and nonbinary people invested in finding what truly fulfills them and how to create passionate experiences with their partners.

Experience levels of attendees vary widely, from brand new to very experienced. Some are involved in the SM cultures and communities, others have experience with other alternative erotic cultures, while many are not involved in either. You do not have to have any experience to attend ForteFemme, it’s open to those who just discovered their kinks or those refining them after years of exploration. Each session is curated by Midori for the women who attend.

I'm transgender, non-binary, gender fluid, agender, etc... can I attend?

ForteFemme is designed for women (trans women are women!) and nonbinary people whose lives are regularly affected by misogyny and sexism.

We have had many trans women and non-binary folks take this course and get a lot from the content and supportive community of alumni. The curriculum addresses the societal messages about, and experiences of, those who walk through the world as a feminine creatures, but we believe that “Feminine dominance” is about a state of mind and how it can be explored through play.

If you are unsure if ForteFemme is a good fit for you, please Send us a Message. Midori would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have.

I see it mentions partners, will they join me in class?

Partners will not be participating in class, nor are they to be present during the instructions.

If you have a partner, they are welcome to join you for the optional Saturday night dinner. They are also strongly encouraged to join you for the last section, Lab Time, late Sunday afternoon.

We encourage you to ask them for aftercare from the weekend too!

I'm currently single, can I attend?

Absolutely! This will prepare you fabulously for pleasure times to be shared with your future lovers and partners.

We have a wonderful team of skilled trainer bottoms we can match you with for the Practical Lab Time. More information about that will be sent in the pre-event emails, or you can message us if you have questions.

Where is it taught?

San Francisco:
We are delighted to share that the event will now be held in a new magnificent Spanish-style estate in the Oakland Hills. There will be outdoor spaces accessible with stunning views of the Bay Bridge and Mount Tamalpais to help you recharge between sessions.

New York:
ForteFemme NYC was previously hosted in an elegant loft in the Flatiron District. We are currently searching for a gorgeous new venue in New York City.

Friday's instruction starts at 2 pm. Do I need to attend this or is it just a meet-&-greet?

Friday we will be covering important content that you'll need for the rest of the weekend. Friday attendance is required for the completion of the weekend. Doors open at 1:00pm and instructing begins at 2:00pm. Please arrive on time.

Do you provide lodging?

Loading is not included in registration. However we have compiled a document with some hotels in the area that are a comfortable distance from the event, all are listed to be LGBTQ+ friendly.

Do I need to bring special clothing or equipment?

No special clothing or equipment is required.

What you bring or wear is entirely up to you.

During the instruction times of Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing. Many attendees enjoy jeans and t-shirts, yoga pants with hoodies, fuzzy socks, and the like . As temperature and climate can vary, we recommend some layers. If you like sitting on the floor, you’re welcome to bring your favorite cushion or mat.

If you are attending the Saturday night field trip or dinner, we recommend bringing an outfit that makes you feel sexy and in your power. Whether that’s a form fitting dress, power suit, or anything in between.

If you have tools or toys you want to learn how to use better, please bring them. There will be demonstrations and may be time to practice or learn new things.  If you have tools and toys you are particularly skilled with, please bring them to share your knowledge and experience with others!

For the Sunday afternoon Lab time, you can bring tools and toys you want to practice with. During the Lab, time permitting, Midori can help you with how to use and enjoy your tools.

We encourage you to bring clothing or accessories which might bring out your "power femme" - that place where you feel sexy and powerful. For some people this might be the genre of clothing considered "fetish wear", but for others, it may be a suit or a favorite dress, sports gear, etc. Want to learn to flog in a corset? Bring it!

How does this differ from Midori's two-hour workshops and classes?

In short, ForteFemme is unique in it's depth and personal access to Midori.

Midori is highly experienced at imparting a lot of knowledge in just 2 hours but weekend intensives give her a chance to get to know all the students personally and to tailor the curriculum to suit individual needs.

You will be working closely with Midori for the whole weekend including time for Q&A's, social time, and also a chance to pull her aside and ask those "one-on-one" questions.

There will also be an experienced teaching assistant who is a ForteFemme Alumn and a trusted colleague of Midori's who is also there to help and answer questions. 

What's the lab time and what happens if I can't bring my partner?

Sunday afternoon concludes with a Practical Lab for all students. This is a chance to put your newfound knowledge and skills into practice!  This is a place to experiment and grow.

The only requirement for graduation is to have a full conversation or “negotiation” with your lab partner using Midori’s Conversation Flow Method during this Lab Time.

However- This is not a test, it’s an opportunity to practice and integrate what you’ve learned. We want you to do your best and have fun, but also take care of yourself as you’ll likely be tired from a solid weekend of learning and self reflection

This negotiation may be for a scene that's entirely theoretical, one that can be played that day, or potentially at some future time. You are not obliged to do anything beyond talking. Many students, however, do choose to practice a simple skill from the weekend, figure out how to use a new toy, and some take that opportunity to play. Some use this time to put their improved communication skills to use by interviewing their partner to hone their "mind-reading" skills. Those who lab with volunteer trainers can use their negotiation skills to learn from these experienced people.

No one is expected to be disrobed or engage in activities they do not want to. There's no expectation for erotic or sexual interaction, although there may be scenes played by other students and their intimate partners that include these elements.

There are lovely discreet and private areas for the more modest or quieter people. If you would like to ensure a spot that is a bit more private, let us know the day of the lab.

If you have a partner whom you can bring, that’s great! Midori will still ask you to negotiate with your partner to show you've understood and demonstrate the negotiation skills taught during the weekend. We will send attendees specific information about when they should arrive and what they should expect.

If you aren’t able to bring your own partner, we will match you with a volunteer Trainer Bottom from Midori’s network of trusted educators and colleagues. You will be matched with someone who can help you with skill development and enjoys similar activities. We will do our best to match you with a Trainer within your gender/orientation preferences. In the pre-event emails there will be more information about this matching process.

All scenes are conducted in the teaching suite and supervised by Midori and her teaching assistant.

What's included in the class curriculum?

A typical weekend includes:

  • Orientation
  • Identifying your sources of pleasure & desired activities
  • Language for better communicating your desires and pleasures
  • Body language of confidence and power
  • The Queen's Walk
  • Finding your dominance archetypes
  • Understanding and getting what you want
  • Play techniques covered include:
    • Flogging and whip use skills that can transport both you and your partner to bliss. With and without high heels
    • Fundamental and effective bondage skills and tools
    • Other skills as requested by the attending students 
  • Midori’s creative and collaborative negotiation technique which can make you seem like a mind-reader. This skill maximizes pleasure while reducing blunders or disappointments for all.
  • Planning and setting the scene
  • Transition technique: How to shift from non-sensual ordinary interaction to deeply connected sensual SM play.

I have a public facing/important job , I am concerned about my privacy...

We value your privacy and want you to feel safe.  Many past attendees have been educators, executives, or public officials  sow e are used to working with people who require discretion.  All information shared with us before, during, or after this event is strictly confidential and is accessible only to Midori and her teachers assistant.

Do I have to use my personal/professional name or email?

An email address will be required at sign up since there will be correspondence leading up to the event. Many people who attend events such as this prefer to use a pseudonym or nick name and often have an email address with that name to protect their legal or work name. You are encouraged to use these when you register if that feels safe and comfortable for you and we are happy to call you whatever name pleases you during the event.  

Further Questions?  Send us a Message.