We are thrilled to announce the return of ForteFemme
San Francisco - July 2023

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Transformative. Unique. Indepth.

ForteFemme is a weekend-long, exclusive experience for eight women that will elevate your authentic inner femme power.

Learn the full scope of creating a fulfilling experience for you and your partner through exploring safe, effective techniques to cultivate play and pleasure.

The emphasis will be on the discovery and expression of your desires, understanding the psychological and emotional structure of joyous BDSM, and providing practical tools and strategies for women with busy lives. Fortified with individual attention and guidance, Midori will guide you to a new level of empowerment and confidence.


It is desires fulfilled.

New York City

New York City


SF Bay Area

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Midori’s Forte Femme workshop is in a class of its own, like Midori herself. Unique in scope and depth, Midori’s theory is psychologically sound. The atmosphere she creates is sex positive, empowering, and authentic―from the heart. Midori’s teaching goes to the core of BDSM, and even takes a step beyond kink to include profound truths about human sexuality and power that impact our daily lives. Whether you want to develop your sexual style or delve deeper into truths you have already recognized, Midori’s work will inspire and empower you. If you want to deepen your understanding of human desires and appetites and feel more confident expressing yourself sexuality, Midori’s teachings are for you.

- Robin Rose, NYC

The biggest takeaway for me from ForteFemme was something crucial to my healing, self-esteem, and partnership. I realized ForteFemme wasn’t about cosplaying a domme that wasn’t inside of me, it was about getting to the core of my being. 

What a great weekend. Midori is a superb educator--one of the best that I've worked with on any topic. The exercises and demos were outstanding and the practice sessions/ labs were amazing. The workshop helped me translate my unique experiences and personality into a number of different roles/personas that I can have fun with as part of my dom repertoire. I now understand myself and my partner better, and I have a better instinct for how to make things exciting and successful. Midori's "negotiation" process has been a particularly helpful new skill to have. It was great to get to know Midori and the other women and to learn from them in a casual, relaxed, and warm atmosphere. We laughed a lot. Forte Femme was a truly transformational experience.

- Molly, SF

I arrived a newbie who was scared, undereducated, and unsure of whether I would see the weekend through. I left the weekend with a greater awareness and understanding of alternative sexual appetites, a lightening up of my perspective, and with more compassion, love, and understanding for myself and my sweetie's desires.

I would say to any woman considering this weekend: You will get out of the experience what you put into it. GO FOR IT.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

- Tina, NYC

Midori spins magic! She has unparalleled knowledge and is an engaging teacher who presents her wisdom with great humbleness and respect. I have tremendous gratitude for the way that she held space for me to navigate the rough terrain as I journeyed deep. I'm feeling liberated, joyful, powerful, playful, and steadfast in my desire to create pleasure in all aspects of my life. I am irrevocably changed for the better.

- Sheryl W., Alberta

Invest in Your

pleasure & confidence

ForteFemme is for women of all orientations. 


SF Bay Area

July 2023

Join a group of 8 women in the San Francisco Bay Area to explore Women's Dominance and femme empowerment.

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Bay Area Waitlist

New York

Late 2023

Join a group of 8 women in New York City to explore Women's Dominance and femme empowerment.

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NYC Waitlist